Wednesday, March 16, 2016


On Wednesday, March 16th our group had the great opportunity of meeting with the Globesight team at its office in Dubai. Globesight is an advisory firm devoted to helping organizations build strategy around emerging markets in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Based on our lively and insightful conversation with founder and director Taufiq Rahim and Globesight staffer Alaa’ Odeh, the company seems to currently be focusing on helping clients strategize how best to invest in humanitarian issues/assistance in order to maximize impact. Alaa’ spoke of the work and research she has been doing around Syrian refugees and irregular migration. She discussed the kinds of issues clients looking to invest in aid and development for Syrian refugees face and how Globesight guides them towards solutions. Beyond consulting, Globesight also functions as a think tank through producing research and analysis of issues facing the Middle East region.

The open layout of the office lent itself to a very friendly and tight-knit office dynamic. The team discussed one another’s projects and often referred to one another when they felt someone else in the office was better versed in a certain topic area. We were grateful that the team was willing to speak to us honestly as well about life in Dubai and what it’s like to move from the United States to the Emirates. For those of us looking into jobs in Dubai, it is very helpful and encouraging to hear other people’s experiences moving and living there. Taufiq was introduced to our group through a SAIS-er’s personal friend, but we realized that coincidentally he also knows many of the other individuals we met with during out trip. We’re glad to have been put in touch with him and Globesight.

The Globesight team mentioned to us that they are moving towards working more in the field of entrepreneurship and technology. We wish them all the best in their endeavors and thank them for 
their time.

~Kimya Zahedi, second year Middle East Studies concentrator, SAIS

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